The Support we offer

We are proud to have given and continue to give a caring, a confidential and above all a personalised and professional support service, since 1870.

Families are our first priority and our professional reputation has been described by many as offering a ‘gold’ service. This has made us proud to be the first choice for many families in Dartmouth and the surrounding villages of Stoke Fleming, Dittisham, Kingswear, Strete, Slapton, and beyond.

To achieve this we:
  • Embrace a loving, empathetic and responsible attitude and take care of everything for all families who have lost a loved one.
  • Are proud of being able to guide and support all grieving families through every step, including the period before and after the funeral service.
  • Acknowledge and have a sympathetic understanding during these difficult circumstances
  • Offer a personal contact to facilitate ease of communication, confidentiality and guidance. We are only a telephone call away.

Our Pricing Procedure

We recognise the importance of explaining in detail, the breakdown of costs, to ensure that our pricing procedure is compliant with the personal needs and individual requirements of each family. We also recognise the importance of reflecting the wishes on behalf of the person who has sadly passed away.

During the supporting period, we always provide each family with:
  • A verbal price guide which will be based on the information given during our initial discussion. This price guide will also include an initial contribution for disbursements of £1500.
  • Following further discussion at the family home, in our office or by telephone, at the discretion of the family; we will then supply you with a written estimate.
  • The initial contribution will be invoiced for payment before the funeral.
  • The final invoice, excluding the initial contribution, will be presented between 10 and 14 days after the funeral. Payment of invoice is requested within 14 days of the invoice date.
All costs will include any Third Party Fees (termed as disbursements), such as Crematorium, Burial, Church, Clergy or Celebrant etc. These fees are paid for and on behalf of the family, following relevant instructions.

We promise to give you and your family the highest levels of support.